Piano Keys

Piano Keys

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dueling Pianos for Hire in Iowa - BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos

When it comes to your special event you and your guests should get the best entertainment imaginable. The future is now, and the name of the game is INTERACTION. Get your crowd up on their feet - singing along, hitting the dance floor, and even becoming part of the show on stage! All of this and more can become a magical reality at your next event by hiring BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos in Iowa.

Available for Hire in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Iowa City, Waterloo, Council Bluffs, Ames, and West Des Moines - Dueling Pianos for Hire everywhere in Iowa! Take a look at all of the services that we offer for your next event...

Company Party Entertainment

It's important to the success of your organization to establish a feeling of closeness, togetherness, your staff should be playing like a team. When you reward your group with a company party you want to include the following key elements:

Include EVERYONE - No one at your company party should feel left out of the fun. You have a large age range within your group from 20 somethings to 60+ year olds - it is important that the entertainment you choose will have something for every age group and gender. Only BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos can achieve this as they do an ALL REQUEST show in which they perform any and all songs that are requested by members of your group, young and old. This ensures the level of variety that is essential to including everyone in the fun. BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos leaves no one behind!

Bring Employees Closer Together - A company party is a wonderful chance for your employees to get to know each other outside of the workplace in a more relaxed environment. BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos will get your guests singing along as a group, getting involved in the fun on stage, and dancing the night away. Imagine your whole company singing together as one! How cool is that?

Be a hero by putting on the best party your company has ever had by bringing out the BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos in Iowa - Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Davenport, Iowa City, Council Bluffs, Ames and West Des Moines, Iowa dueling pianos!

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Charity Fundraiser Entertainment

BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos in Iowa loves nothing more than to give back to the community by performing at charity fundraiser events and DONATING 100% OF THEIR TIPS TO THE CHARITY. That's right, the dueling pianos will donate all of the tips that they generate at your fundraiser directly back to your charity organization. No one knows how to generate tips like dueling pianos, they have several fun ways to get your audience into a donating frenzy.

Generating Donations for Your Charity - BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos can generate donations from your group by playing games like "Stop That Song" - a game where anyone in the audience can come up to the pianos and put down a tip and "Stop That Song". The dueling pianos will then play a different song and it will take a higher tip to "Stop That Song". This goes on and on until they finally achieve the highest tip amount that no one will top. BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos in Iowa have MANY more fun ways to generate tips and donations, we will even customize these activities to suit your event.

Many Iowa charity fundraiser events have the same entertainment over and over, year after year. Treat your patrons to something new and exciting this year and hire BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos to put some style and variety in your Iowa charity event or fundraiser - available in Des Moines, Ames, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Iowa City and Wes Des Moines Iowa .

Corporate Events and Convention Entertainment

Both your clients and your employee base deserve the best when it comes to the entertainment you choose for your Iowa Corporate Event. The concept of dueling pianos is catching on like wildfire all over the Nation. Dueling pianos can take your corporate event to a new level of fun and audience participation. Let's get some members of upper management to come up on stage and be part of the show, that will get the room fired up! BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos in Iowa perform an all request show ensuring all age groups a chance to get in on the fun, from the 20 somethings to the 60+ year olds, everyone will get to hear music that they know and love. It is important not to leave anyone out at corporate functions. BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos in Iowa perform songs from EVERY generation and are guaranteed to leave your guests talking about your event for months and years to come!

Wedding Receptions in Iowa

Tired of seeing the same old entertainment at wedding reception after wedding reception? The old DJ with the ill fitting tuxedo and an outdated music selection? That same band that every other couple had at their wedding that play the same old songs over and over? It's time to step up and take your Iowa wedding reception to another level and bring in BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos. These guys will take care of EVERYTHING, from providing DJ music for your cocktails and dinner, to making any and all announcements, then putting on an incredible show that will get everyone singing along and also packing the dance floor. For our wedding receptions we feature our DANCE segment, where we not only sing and play pianos but we have a FULL BAND SOUND with accompaniment tracks playing behind us, making us sound just like the original track. From the old school to the new school modern songs that are hot right this minute, BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos performs them all. Not only that, but the show is ALL REQUEST so that you can choose whatever kind of music you like!

We handle everything from the cake cutting, to your first dances, to the bouquet / garter toss. All done with the energy and excitement of Dueling Pianos. We have performed several incredible weddings all over Iowa including Des Moines, Ames, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Iowa City, Sioux City, Council Bluffs and West Des Moines Iowa and hundreds of brides and grooms have recommended us after having us at their wedding reception.

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