Piano Keys

Piano Keys

Charity Fundraisers and Galas

Let's get those donations rolling through the door! Nothing can make your next charity fundraiser or gala make a bigger splash than BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos in Iowa. We cater our show to your charity, even going as far as DONATING ALL OF OUR TIPS TO YOUR CHARITY!

That's right, when BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos Iowa performs at your charity fundraiser or gala we generate tips throughout the night from requests, college fight song contests, and other creative ways and then turn around and give 100% of the funds back to the charity. We have raised in excess of $1500 in ONE SHOW, and we do it with class and modesty. Take a look at our dueling pianos Iowa video below to see more about what we can do to make your charity fundraiser or gala a HUGE hit!

Don't leave anyone out! Your charity fundraiser guests are going to vary in age and musical taste. Don't hire a band that only plays one type of music (or the same old music that your guests have heard at all of your fundraisers in the past) - do something new and exciting! By now almost everyone is familiar with Dueling Pianos and they love them because they are an ALL REQUEST show. Everyone in the audience gets a chance to participate, make requests, sing along, dance and most of all have an experience of a lifetime that they will never forget.

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